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Casino Self Storage

Casino Self Storage

Client: Asadurian Investments

Location: Moorpark, California

A two story self storage facility consisting of two separate buildings 114,000 gross square feet with 86,00 square feet of net leasable space, located on approximately 2.58 acres. Project was completed in July 2005

The project is located on what the City of Moorpark considered one of the most important corners in the city. Since the City Planning Commission and City Council considered this project to be the gateway into the city, we worked very closely not only with the City Planning staff, but also with representatives from the Planning Commission to develop a project that everyone considers a showpiece project.

Due to the fact that there are only two other self storage facilities in the entire City of Moorpark, the Client wanted to maximize the amount of leasable space on the project. In order to do that, we designed all of the buildings as two story structures. While this increased the number of lifts/elevators required for the project, the developer felt the overall income increased enough to make the additional cost worthwhile.