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Who we are

ARE Associates is a multi-year Inside Self Storage Best of Business award winner for Architectural Services. 

The key to the successful implementation of each individual project is the application of sufficient human resources to complete the work and a project management system that supports and keeps track of projects. Our professional staff is committed to the full time production and processing of plans. Furthermore, we guarantee Principal involvement throughout the duration of each project. Our firm incorporates the latest in computer and CADD technology to provide our clients with the fastest production times possible. All of our consultants are also dedicated to the application of CADD for the production of working documents, thereby making coordination and checking more expeditious, efficient and accurate.

What we do

ARE Associates and our technical consultants have worked on numerous types of projects in the past and are currently working on several projects throughout the country. Our project team thoroughly understands the importance of meeting a project’s schedule while incorporating the client’s scope of work to provide a high quality finished product. Our vast project experience has enabled our professional staff to facilitate project development processing on behalf of our clients in numerous cities throughout the United States.

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Why Consider ARE Associates?

Ken Carrell is the principal-in-charge on all projects and has been involved in the architectural field for more than thirty-five years in various aspects of construction. As a former Planning Commissioner for the City of Lake Forest, he has a unique insight into the design process. His project experience includes millions of square feet of building spaces, extensive land planning, commercial development, retail architecture (new and tenant improvement construction), office buildings, restaurant construction, industrial projects, custom and tract residential and interior design. In addition, he has also performed, literally, hundreds of building surveys for due diligence compliance, project refinancing, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Mr. Carrell is currently licensed in California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland and Texas.